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Yamaha Maco Racing Team in Le Mans

Final event of the World Championship Road Racing Endurance took place over the weekend 20 and 21 September as a 24-hour race in Le Mans, France. Slovak team traveled here with the desire to achieved the best result and wanted to resume on the outcome of last year, which ranked excellent seventh place.

The desire of team was also imitate last result from Le Mans, when in its class won the fifth position. As racers in the Slovak team was presented the Spaniard Chema Rita and Polish Pawel Szkopek and his brother Mark.

After unsuccessfull qualifications when the team ranked 29th place on the starting grid, it came health problems of Spanish rider Ritu and he had to be replaced by domestic rider Lucas Mahiasom. Opening of race was successful, after two substitution Slovak team was already in 17th place and continued their traditional way into the top ten. Unfortunately, technical problems and also falls racers finally did cut through the outlined plans.

Despite these difficulties could Yamaha Maco Racing Team races to complete, while overall achieved 30th place in its class EWC twelfth. In the final appraising of World Cup rung him the 14th place, and also thanks to the Slovak team, Yamaha has won the constructors evaluation in this championship.

Martin Kuzma, owner of the team:

„In the first qualification we worked mainly on setting motorcycle and before the second qualifications we were determined to improve their position on the starting grid. However, we suffered from the weather change when Chema and Pawel rode on a wet track and also Marek did not improve time. Therefore, remained us only 29 place to start. Warm Up has been successful, but then we had changed a rider when for the health problems he could not start and was replaced by Rita domestic competitor Lucas Mahias. We came out the start and after two stops in the box we were in 17th position and realized the plan, gradually every hour  until the top ten. But then came the technical problems crowned with three falls and it was after all our plans. Finally, we have won at least nine points for 12th place in our category, but  in the final championship was only 14th place. I am grateful to the whole team for their performance and dedication and all hard work. After 2013, when we ended up at Le Mans in seventh place overall and fifth in class, can not be satisfied, but that is about the 24-hour race. Thanks to our partners and fans for their support, I am so sorry that we gave them just such an outcome, but I am pleased that we have contributed to victory in the evaluation Yamaha constructors. And now we concentrate on the next peak season, which is our participation in the Macau Grand Prix. ”


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