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Maco Racing Team enters the 2011 season

Slovak motorcycle team Maco Racing has attended the EWC since 2003. Our only representative at EWC enters the next season with news which could forward him to the higher rank.

Yamaha Racing France has become our new partner which is well-known in motorcycle world. It means a huge contribution for our team as far as the technical provision. We would like to thank to our French partner and a express a big appreciation for given trust.

Two young racers (both born in 1988) are coming to our team, French Gregg Black who won the 3rd place in 24hours race at Le Mans and 4th place at 24hours race in Bol d´Or and Swiss Gregory Junod who won also the 3rd place in 24hours race at Le Mans and 4th place at 24hours race in Bol d´Or in 2010 and became a Swiss Champion in Superstock 1000 (2009). American Jason Pridmore, World Champion from 2003, still remains our pilot.

Our next new partner is Slovakia Ring the only Slovak special motor-racing circuit. It is a pleasure for us to say this new circuit, which our country is  very proud of, becomes our home site.

For the race season we are preparing two motorcycles Yamaha YZF R1 2011 which will contain technology necessary for endurance race. Modification target are the details which ensure to our team motorcycle to remain in pit stop as short as possible. Because of this Maco Racing has belonged to the highest ranked teams in EWC.

We are glad to have the further cooperation with our existing partners from those the most important are Dunlop motorsport, YEC YAMAHA, PP Tuning, Plus Promotion Bratislava, Ohlins, France Equipment, DM System and LIKO .



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