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Maco Moto Racing Team – Bol d´Or 2011

New season of Motorcycle EWC started on April 16 with 24-hours race Bol d´Or on French circuit Magny Cours. Even this time, Slovak team Maco Moto Racing starts in 6-races-serial with Yamaha motorcycle with American Jason Pridmore and new riders, French Gregg Black and Swiss Gregory Junod.

Slovak team tested the Magny Cours circuit 2 weeks prior the race so some of the details have been fine tuned during the trainings where the complete riders trio had met. Experienced Jason Pridmore has praised the new colleagues from the beginning as well as the team Yamaha motorcycle. It has been evident that all understand each other very well and the result was the perfect time in training and qualifications in which Maco Moto Racing team got the fantastic 8th place at the starting area which was fantastic position among the factory teams.

On Saturday, at 3pm Gregory Junod started at the 24-hours race for Slovak team and in the next hours even after the box pit stops, Maco team set in the top 10 where they circulated between 7th and 9th place. Shortly after 9pm (after quarter of the race), Pridmore got back to the box without the motorcycle which broke down for technical reason. The scope of defect was such huge that the riders could not continue in the race.

Despite this fact which must be always taken into the consideration at Endurance race, the Maco Moto Racing team has introduced itself at outstanding condition, all three riders have provided with fantastic performance and the team has been on high technical level, too. The results of the qualifications have confirmed all that. Next 8-hours race where Slovak team will be shown, will be in Spanish Albacete which will take place on May 22.

Martin Kuzma, team owner:
The first race of the new season is behind us and even after unfinished race I have to express my big thank you to all team members from riders to mechanics for well done job because till our race resignation everything worked smoothly. The technical failure has taken us from the top 10 place which we could not influence. The detailed reason of this failure will be disclosed after in-depth analysis of the damaged material. We are leaving to our home full of hope and trust because we have proved our potential and we believe on the next race the good luck will be on our side. We have fantastic riders, outstanding team so we can fight for the better position. We thank you to our partners – Dunlop, Yamaha Racing France as well as the RAC41 team for the great support.


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