Maco Racing

8 Hours of Qatar

Closing event of the Endurance World Championship road motorcycles as an eight-hour race held on 12th November at Qatar Losail circuit. Maco Racing Slovak team comes in the event eleventh in the championship and was therefore the aim result which would have guaranteed top ten place final table.


This objective was subordinated to the policy, riders Jason Pridmore, Greg Junod and Gregg Black focused on the fact that unnecessary disturbance or accident does not stop the chances of the team. Despite this tactic, however, all three rode great times, which resulted in sixth place in qualifying as the fastest private team.

G. Junod started the race, but after a few laps a technical problem stopped Greg J to fully finish his run and after the first exchange of the Slovak team we where 21st. But then followed a great fight from the riders, which put us up gradually to the seventh position. Even though this step in ensuring that the teams ninth place in the final championship will be insured and also this tightens the gap betwin the teams ahead of us. This they managed well, but only in the final hour, when the motorcycle got a lot of vibration, for which J.Pridmore riding on the track had to slow down and ride the end of the race to complete it certainly. The objective of this disorder meant for the Maco Racing Fall down to the eleventh place, but in our class we kept the seventh place, which meant we meet our target, this place in the top ten championship final, we got the ninth place with a profit of 34 points.

This year we are again forwarded to the above, despite the difficulties we have achieved the best overall assessment of the location of our team in our operation in this championship and the season before next year because I’m an optimist, I believe the time will come when the pitch, which often accompanies us, and we end up we will be able to fully demonstrate the potential of our team.

Martin Kuzma, owner of the team:
„The event in Qatar, welcomed, where we won what we needed, even if the race course we wanted to achieve more. After the problem in the introduction, we have returned to fight for the places, but great shakes at the end of the motorcycle, which reveal the cause until after returning home, caused that we had to give up battle for sixth place and focus on finishing the  races as possible correction would we have risked even greater loss.”


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